Oil and Gas Industry- great careers full of opportunities

I am saddened by recent downturn in the industry and by the loss of jobs but it doesn’t turn me away from the profession. I disagree with an opinion that with rise of the solar and wind powered energy supply, the oil demand per year will continue to decrease year over year and I do not believe that the boom days of the oil industry are over for good. Many analysts think the same (Irina Slav http://oilprice.com/Energy/Crude-Oil/2015-Worst-Year-For-Oil-Discoveries-Since-1952.html)

I think now is a great time to build the future of Petroleum industry. I worked for Oil and Gas Industry in Houston, Texas for most of my career. I love my industry with all the challenges, the people and the opportunities industry and Texas gave me. I am ready to use all my skills, knowledge, conviction and leadership to help…

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