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2D/3D Seismic Interpretation
  • In compressional & extensional tectonic regimes and salt provinces
  • Facies Analysis
  • Seismic stratigraphy
  • Incorporation of QI, AI, AVO, and other seismic analyses
  • Velocity model improvement and image enhancement
Lead, plan and execute full-life drilling programs
  • Well planning
  • Casing design input
  • Completion recommendations
  • Design geochemical, geologic and geophysical data sampling programs
  • Monitor daily drilling activities
Robust economic modelling expertise for full-life E&P opportunities
  • Probabilistic risk and decision tree analysis
  • Traditional DCF analysis
  • Build economic models for international fiscal regimes (PSA, Service Contracts, etc.)
Critical risks analysis
  • Identification of critical risks associated with the project
  • Customized work plan designed to address and quantify key risks
  • Creation of Common Risk Segment (CRS) maps
Add reserves & enhance value using innovative and fit-for purpose solutions
  • Generation of Infill drilling, artificial lift, stimulation and workover programs
  • Inclusion of complex wellbore flow models in reservoir simulator to evaluate alternative completion strategies
  • Early model validation through cost effective acquisition reservoir data
  • Reservoir surveillance plans and fit-for-purpose models to extend field plateau and maximize facilities utilization.
Lead design and deliver geotechnical projects
  • Regional/Sub-regional assessments with a focus on basin definition, play fairway analysis, and play concepts
  • Integration of tectonic, structural, depositional & petroleum systems models to identify/evaluate leads, mature prospects, high-grade inventories, support bid rounds, lease acquisitions and evaluate farm-in/farm-out opportunities
  • Creation of risked and ranked lead/prospect inventories with full-cycle economic analysis.
  • Creation of gross depositional environment maps from seismic, well and other geologic data

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